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Name of Administrative Contact:
Sklenka Lubomir

Street Address:
Dlouha 33

City, State/Province, Country and Postal Code:
110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic

Telephone Number:
+420 2 231 50 98

Fax Number:

Email Address:

Web Page URL (Address):
http://www.lungta.cz/http://www.lungta.cz/lungtaen.htm (english version)
http://www.lungta.cz/lungta.htm (czech version)
http://www.lungta.cz/ (TIBINFO service)

(Tibet Support Group in Czech Republic)

Civic association LUNGTA is self-imposed, non-governmental,and non-profit organization of people who are interested inTibet, Tibetan culture or Tibetan Buddhism. The associationhas been a legal entity according to the Czech law. The mainaim of the association is to help its members in their effortto reach and publicize true information about unique Tibetanculture, Tibetan Buddhism and the situation in Tibet.

The association tasks are mainly:

  • organizing of lectures, exhibitions, concerts, meetings, and demonstrations
  • organizing visits of local and foreign teachers
  • publication activity, library services
  • running of public TIBINFO - Tibet Information System (http://www.lungta.cz)
  • cooperation with Czech and foreign organizations concerned with Tibetan culture, Tibetan Buddhism, political situation, and human rights situation in Tibet
  • supporting a rise and development of Tibetan Buddhism centers (of different schools) in the Czech republic without any special preference.

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