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Malé Občanské Sdružení Tolerance (M.O.S.T.) - Ostrava "Charitable Society of Tolerance"

Name of Administrative Contact:

Street Address:
Tilschové 5, 709 00 Ostrava

City, State/Province, Country and Postal Code:
Mariánské Hory, Czech Republic

Telephone Number:
+420 603 730272

Fax Number:

Email Address:

Web Page URL (Address):

We try to build bridges not only between cultures but also between people. We want to show a different way of life, different way of thinking, we want to offer an alternative, a possibility to look over the fence to see what it looks like somewhere else, a possibility to compare our way of life with people on the other side of the world.

Our objective is to provide people with information about Tibet, Ladakh and the eastern style of life in the form of lectures, exhibitions, films and discussion forums. Our main projects are the Festival ForTibet a Distant Godparenthood - aid to small monks and nuns in Buddhist monasteries in Small Tibet in India.

last updated: 6.30.2008

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