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Tibet Education Network at Global Source

Name of Administrative Contact:
Jon Garfunkel, Director

Street Address:
PO Box 11316

City, State/Province, Country and Postal Code:
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110, USA

Telephone Number:
(206) 780-5797

Fax Number:
(206) 780-5797

Email Address:

Web Page URL (Address):

About Tibet Education Network...
Tibet is one of the oldest living civilizations to thrive into thiscentury, a nation once insulated in a unique part of the world, with adeeply spiritual population, a profound religious system, and a richcultural heritage. Today, Tibetans are an endangered population,struggling for survival as a people, culture, and country, both in theirhomeland and in diaspora communities around the world.

Tibet Education Network (TEN) is an independent, educational outreachproject which works to raise awareness of Tibetan civilization, TibetanBuddhism, and the current Tibetan situation. The mission of TEN is tohelp facilitate the study of Tibet throughout K-12 and Adult education,and to make Tibet a more teacher and student friendly subject. Beyondthe study of Tibet, TEN approaches this subject as a valuable model forunderstanding important global issues and topics such as culturalsurvival, human rights, non-violent conflict resolution, ageless wisdom,sustainability, and social responsibility.

Tibet Education Network provides:

  • Professional Development: teacher training for the study of Tibet inK-12 and adult education, summer institutes, workshops, and individualconsultation.
  • Program Design and Facilitation: interactive and experiential programsfor grades K-12, courses of study, units of study, student workshops,assembly & classroom presentations, and independent study.
  • Curricular and Educational Support Materials: design of educationalreaders, course handbooks, lesson plans, slide packages, bibliographies,videographies, resource lists, and companion guides for films anddocumentaries; research library and video rental available for localeducators.
  • The TEN Catalog: mail order and bookstore of selected source materialsfor the study of Tibet in K-12 and adult education, including thematicstarter libraries for grades K-12 and rare and out of print books andmagazines. Contact TEN to receive a copy of our current catalog.
  • Special Projects: educational outreach support for Tibet-relatedcultural programs, exhibitions, childrenās activities for museums andfestivals, Tibetan & Buddhist organizations, and the media. Courses andforums for colleges and adult groups, public events and communityprograms, and Tibet travel presentations.
  • Seattle Jewish-Buddhist Dialogue: TEN is a sponsoring organization ofthis on-going innerfaith and cross-cultural dialogue. Contact TEN forupcoming programs.

Established in 1994, TEN has worked with hundreds of educators,students, schools and organizations in the Northwest and nation-wide.Tibet Education Network is a special project of Global Source Education,a non-profit, independent, educational outreach organization. Themission of Global Source is to foster a deeper awareness and encouragegreater social responsibility around topics and issues that affect ourchanging global community. Through an approach to learning thatexamines a diversity of perspectives and cultivates critical thinking,Global Source provides professional development, curricular andeducational support materials, and other services to make global studiesmore accessible and meaningful.

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