Zoe and Dan Get Married!
- 25 September 1999 -

On Saturday, September 25, 1999 Dan and Zoe got married in the Mendocino Woodlands.

The photos are in 5 different formats, all taken on my Sony Mavica FD-91 digital camera:

  • Standard Pictures (like the one of Dan and Zoe to the left)

  • Panorama (large sweeping photos, some of which are 360s. Large files.)

  • 3D (These require a special viewer which most of you won't have. You can still view them, they just won't be in 3D)

  • QTVR (Quick Time Virtual Reality. These 360° photos are interactive. You can pan around in a circle, zoom in and out, and suck a lot of bandwidth. They are very big files, usually around 450k. They require a plug-in for your browser)

  • Mpgs (movies) These are no more than 15 seconds of video at 320 x 240. Not very big, but they are fun. These are around 1.4mb each.

All audio, text, images and buttons are copyright protected, under threat of my showing up on your doorstep and staying for a week or two, and cannot be used in whole or part without expressed written consent of Mister 3D, mister3d@third-dimension.com