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Mani cairn in the Norbulingka garden

Help us preserve Tibetan culture; make a donation to Norbulingka Institute.

Norbulingka Institute needs about $50,000 per year to support apprentices in thangka painting, woodcarving and statue making, and our students in the Academy of Tibetan Culture. Much more is needed still to improve our facilities. Below is a list of our needs. Although our Centre for Arts is largely self sufficient and supports nearly two hundred people, we must rely on donations for study programmes and development. Donations in the US are tax deductible if sent through the Tibet Fund. You can also contribute to the unrestricted fund by becoming a Norbulingka Member.

Academy of Tibetan Culture:
The twenty-four students all receive a scholarship, which includes tuition and books, room and board, and pocket money. All are either newly arrived from Tibet or come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Their support, as well as the development of the Academy depends on the donations of friends and well wishers.

Research and Publications:
Norbulingka's Cultural and Literary Research Centre includes some of modern TibetĖs finest writers and researchers. A team of ten, they are keen to revive interest in Tibetan literature and increase readership in the Tibetan community by creating stimulating material. They are gathering a pool of material used for periodicals, research books, childrenĖs reading material and an encyclopaedia on Tibet. Some of these will also be translated into English and used in English publications.

Present Tibetan Publications include Nor-de, a monthly eight page cultural newspaper, and Nor-dzeu, an annual volume collecting together essays on cultural topics and a biennial volume of compiled research. Our team of writers have a backlog of significant scholarly works virtually ready for publication. We hope to bring them out as funds become available. The primary goal of our Tibetan publications is not to make a profit but to revive interest in Tibetan as an attractive literary medium. Consequently they are sold at a nominal price that barely meets the costs of production. Presently we depend on donations to support our writers and publish their work.

Present English Publications include Chö-Yang, an acclaimed illustrated magazine that features original material on Tibetan culture, and Me-Long, the newsletter of the Norbulingka Institute that also features shorter articles on Tibetan cultural issues.

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