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West wing of the Norbulingka complex
Norbulingka Institute offers great opportunity to motivated, dedicated people possessing particular knowledge and skills. Qualified individuals can greatly contribute to the progress and development of the Institute by training and guiding our staff in the following:

Centre for Arts:
Graphic design; pattern making; cutting and sewing techniques; office skills; business English; marketing; management and accounting. Childcare and pre-school teaching.

Academy of Tibetan Culture:
Teaching: English as a foreign language, world history, art history, Buddhist art history.

Collecting data, proof-reading articles for publication in English.

Setting up library system and training staff.

To be productive at Norbulingka Institute requires more than professional qualification in a particular field. You must be able to live within the conditions of a developing country, adjust to working with people whose culture is very different from your own, and be flexible enough to be happy in a very dynamic organisation that incorporates a precarious balance of East and West.

Anyone interested in applying for a voluntary position at Norbulingka Institute should contact the Managing Director, and send his or her CV. Commitments of one year or more are preferred. All full time volunteers will be offered room and board.

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